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The role of a teacher is like the proverbial ‘ladder'. It is used by everyone to climb up in life, but the ladder stays in its place. Not only does teacher provide knowledge, but he she shapes the student's life with great dreams and aims.

Yes, education is a challenge. The students live in a time of change. In the midst of media explosion and exposed to vulnerability, they are often confused to know the right and wrong.

In their curiosity to know more and more they commit mistakes and go in the wrong direction, finally they might end up in a mess. To guide them to prove their identity is a great challenge. The teacher enables them to find the solutions for themselves, showing them the guiding light. As a teacher one is called to lift the young ones giving a helping hand when their heart is wavering. The need of the hour is to encourage them. When love and skill work together, expect a master piece says John Ruskin. Thus “A moment's insight sometimes worth a life's experience”

“The future starts today and not tomorrow” says St. John Paul II, knowing well that today we sow the seeds of knowledge, culture and wisdom. This should be a sum of life in order that their future is moulded and shaped by positive human values which could build bridges and not confining walls between religion, culture, education and humanity at large. This will be realized when we follow the motto “Let your light shine”. it should be a beacon to oneself and to others in realizing the goal of Crossian Education, to form persons of character, conscience, compassion, commitment and competence, who having been enabled to face the challenges of life in the changing scenario, are sensitive to the needs of the poor and marginalized and evolve as Dynamic Transcendent Leaders of Tomorrow.

Manager's Desk

Education has often been a nightmare and bitter experience for innumerable students on account of having to cope with endless homework examinations and a lot more. However looking back at the past, has anyone ever regretted for having been educated?

A group of travelers was about to start walking across a desert when a voice was heard from above, instructing them to collect as many as pebbles as they could and carry them during the journey, without explaining why. Obviously, bewildered and filled with loathing, the travelers compiled with the instructions, some carrying a huge number of pebbles, others less. When they reached the destination, they opened their bags and found that all the pebbles they collected turned into diamonds. They were glad, and also sorry – glad that they had taken along at least some pebbles, and sorry that they had not taken more. This explains the importance of education..

This process of education is challenging and demanding. But soon enough you come to realize that what seemed worthless turns into something priceless, and that bitter roots yield sweet fruits in terms of what life has in store for you. Thus education is a great tool to help you move from where you are to arrive at where you want to be.

When we perceive education only as an option rather than a means to prepare for life, it is natural that you tend to become rather lethargic. Whereas if you take education as a way of life, we will never grow tired of learning something new every step of the way. The moment we stop learning, you stop growing.

Plato says “Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each”.


In the year 1971 the first batch of sisters headed by Mother Theophane reached Varanasi at the request of Rt. Rev. Bp. Patrick D’Souza. Then the provincial Mother Marie Cecile and Evangeline came to take the pioneers to Ballia. The pioneers were Mother Theophane, Srs. Caroline, Amabel, Mercedes and Anne Joseph.They began their mission in a rented building (ConventVidyaBhavan).

Thus, the first North Mission field found a temporary abode in a rented house for a month in order to start an English Medium School for children aging between three-six years. His Lordship Rt. Rev. Bishop Patrick agreed to pay the rent for a year. 133 children took admission into the school. They were divided into six sections of Nursery, I and II respectively.

The classes began on 10th June 1971. Sr. Caroline took charge of the school, Mother Theophane in-charge of the convent (Superior), Srs. Amabel, Mercedes, Ann Joseph took charge of each class.

In the following year on 5th March, 1972, we began a needle work centre in order to train the poor girls to find their livelihood. On 6th January, 1973, Sr. Lucy arrived in Ballia in order to increase the number of sisters and to extend the apostolate. Thus we opened a simple dispensary in Amritpalli to treat the patients. Fr. Atul was the pioneering father of this mission station and he took care of the minute needs of the sisters. In the beginning Sr. Lucy didn’t have a proper place/accommodation to shelter them.

The sisters were not used to the extreme heat and slowly one by one began getting sick, started with Mother Theophane. As her health was deteriorating she was taken to the South. As the number of students started increasing and the school reached up to Class V. The sisters then requested Bp. Patrick to upgrade the school to high school but he was not in favour of it. On 12th April, 1975, the school had the first Parent’s Day celebration at Amritpalli and the collector laid the foundation stone of the school building. Later on when the convent was ready on 31st August, 1975, the sisters said good bye to Japlinganj. On 1st September, 1975, our Rt. Rev. Bishop blessed the convent building which was to be served as the school. On 21stJune,1984, Sr. Anita D’Monte arrived at Ballia in order to take up the school but there were no proper teachers.In spite of all these hurdles she went ahead to work for the NOC and the affiliation for the school. She had to go a number of times up and down to Lucknow. At the end we received the NOC and the affiliation on 17th April, 1986. Thus our first batch of students appeared for their Board examination on 2nd March, 1987.Sr. Carmeline conducted the exams in our school.

General Information

Holy Cross School, a minority institution under Article 30 of Indian Constitution was established in1971 and is administered by the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, a registered charitable society. The school is under the religious jurisdiction of the Catholic Bishop of Varanasi.

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Cross was founded by Mother Claudine Echernier and Father Peter Mermier in 1838 at Chavanod in France, in the 19th Century. As a result of French Revolution, ignorance, misery and poverty prevailed. The deplorable situation of the young girls touched the heart of Mother Claudine Echernier. Strengthened by the love of Christ who gave his life for the salvation of all and inspired by the courage of Mary at the foot of the Cross. Mother Claudine involved herself in eradicating ignorance and misery. With the support of Fr. Peter Mermier, Mother started this congregation, dedicated to serve the needy and to educate the youth to transform the society.

Curriculum and Examination

The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi with a “No objection” certificate from the U.P. Government.

Students are prepared by the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (Class 10) and the Indian School Certificate Examination (Class 12).

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