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Principal's Desk

The role of a teacher is like the proverbial ‘ladder'. It is used by everyone to climb up in life, but the ladder stays in its place. Not only does teacher provide knowledge, but he she shapes the student's life with great dreams and aims.

Yes, education is a challenge. The students live in a time of change. In the midst of media explosion and exposed to vulnerability, they are often confused to know the right and wrong.

In their curiosity to know more and more they commit mistakes and go in the wrong direction, finally they might end up in a mess. To guide them to prove their identity is a great challenge. The teacher enables them to find the solutions for themselves, showing them the guiding light. As a teacher one is called to lift the young ones giving a helping hand when their heart is wavering. The need of the hour is to encourage them. When love and skill work together, expect a master piece says John Ruskin. Thus “A moment's insight sometimes worth a life's experience”

“The future starts today and not tomorrow” says St. John Paul II, knowing well that today we sow the seeds of knowledge, culture and wisdom. This should be a sum of life in order that their future is moulded and shaped by positive human values which could build bridges and not confining walls between religion, culture, education and humanity at large. This will be realized when we follow the motto “Let your light shine”. it should be a beacon to oneself and to others in realizing the goal of Crossian Education, to form persons of character, conscience, compassion, commitment and competence, who having been enabled to face the challenges of life in the changing scenario, are sensitive to the needs of the poor and marginalized and evolve as Dynamic Transcendent Leaders of Tomorrow.


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