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Our Vision

God is creator & Lord of the Universe

Create a sense of WONDER & MYSTERY.

God is present and working in all creation: in nature, in history and in persons.

Relating the content to student’s life.

Each person is personally known and loved by God.

Special care of slow, weak & poor students.

  • Personal care of students.
  • Positive climate in the classroom
  • Building the self-esteem of students.
  • Accompanying the students in their growth.
  • Positive role to students.
  • Earning respect from students.

Discernment for fruitful Service

  • Response God’s love shown in deeds.
  • Helping students to make 'right choice'.
  • Pro-life, other centered, environmental friendly.
  • Understanding from the perspective of the poor.
  • Proactive persons, growth in responsibility.

Seeking God's Greater Glory

  • Response God’s love shown in deeds.
  • Going beyond the call of duty.
  • Challenging & nurturing student’s growth.
  • Authoritative classroom management.
  • Cooperation, collaboration, accountability.

Fullness of Life

  • Live the fullness of life. Continuous self-growth.
  • Personal care of students.
  • Sharing our life with others.
  • Sharing our life with others.
  • Pro-life actions.
  • Mentoring students.

Called to Build Community

  • Building the School Family: Loyalty.
  • Promoting growth in the other.
  • Spirit of give and take.
  • Interacting, relating & developing a deserving group in the neighbourhood.
  • Accessibility of the poor nearby children.
  • Making my significant contribution.


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  • balliahcs@gmail.com
  • 8736867039

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