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If we want Love message to be heard, it has got to be send out.
To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it

Sr. Mary John Principal

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Our Mission

"The final outcome of our education pattern is to help our students to shine forth the love of God by being lovable to all. And we wish our students to understand it well and to grow towards it. All the knowledge that they gain in the school should help them to form a better society, by sharing and caring for each other."

Our vision

God is creator & Lord of the Universe

Create a sense of WONDER & MYSTERY.

God is present and working in all creation: in nature, in history and in persons.

Relating the content to student’s life.

Each person is personally known and loved by God.

Special care of slow, weak & poor students.

Personal care of students.

Positive climate in the classroom.

Building the self-esteem of students.

Accompanying the students in their growth.

Positive role to students.

Earning respect from students.

Discernment for fruitful Service

Response God’s love shown in deeds.

Helping students to make 'right choice'.

Pro-life, other centered, environmental friendly.

Understanding from the perspective of the poor.

Proactive persons, growth in responsibility.

Seeking God's Greater Glory

Response God’s love shown in deeds.

Striving for excellence. No mediocrity.

Going beyond the call of duty.

Challenging & nurturing student’s growth.

Authoritative classroom management.

Cooperation, collaboration, accountability.

Fullness of Life

Live the fullness of life. Continuous self-growth.

Personal care of students.

Sharing our life with others.

Becoming a 'Person for others'

Pro-life actions.

Mentoring students.

Called to Build Community

Building the School Family: Loyalty.

Promoting growth in the other.

Spirit of give and take.

Interacting, relating & developing a deserving group in the neighbourhood.

Accessibility of the poor nearby children.

Making my significant contribution.

General Information

Admission is Closed for LKG 2020-21
  • Admission to LKG is generally announced in the month of January.
  • A student joining the school for the first time must produce a satisfactory evidence of the date of Birth such as an extract from the municipality or hospital record or a Baptismal Certificate.
  • Generally, there is no admission to other classes. However, depending on vacancies that may arise, opportunity may be provided to eligible candidates.
  • When a student is admitted on a transfer certificate, he/she shall not be placed in any class higher than that for which the certificate shows him/her to be qualified, nor will he/she be promoted before the end of a school year.
  • A student who does not complete the school calendar year is not eligible for promotion; hence admission will be made accordingly.
  • No student will be admitted without a transfer certificate from the school last attended and in no case shall a student be permitted to attend class pending formal admission.
  • Only students from recognised English Medium Schools will be considered for admission.
  • The school leaving certificate of a student joining from a school outside the Utter Pradesh state must be countersigned by the Education Authorities of the district in which the previous school is situated
  • Class XI : Admission to Class XI is not automatic for the students of class X of this school. It will depend on the following.
    • The marks obtained at the half yearly, pre-board, ICSE
    • The conduct record of the student during the years in the school
    • The number of seats available for class XI
  • Generally no admissions are made to class X and XII
  • In case of re-admission after withdrawal, admission fee will be charged again.
  • The Principal reserves the right to admit or refuse admission to anybody without assigning any reason for her action.

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